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olives and fresh bread  (v) £2.95
oil and balsamic with fresh bread (v) £1.95
zuppa del giorno (v) £3.95
home-made soup of the day, served with bread  
paté della casa £4.95
home-made chicken liver paté on grilled polenta with red onion chutney  
pizza marinara £4.95
tomatoes, garlic and oregano  
funghi ricotta e spinaci (v) £5.25
mushrooms filled with ricotta cheese and spinach served on a bed of salad leaves  
cozze al pepe £5.50
fresh mussels in garlic with white wine and black peppercorn sauce
(also available with a white wine and cream or tomato and garlic sauce)
polpette della nonna £4.75
home-made meatballs in napolitana sauce sprinkled with parmesan - just like our grandmother made!  
sformato alla parmigiana (v) £5.25
layered aubergine oven-baked with parmesan, basil, napolitana sauce, mozzarella  
salmone mediterraneo £6.25
fresh salmon marinated in red onions, capers, parsley and chilli and lemon juice  
gamberoni VIVO £4.95
cocktail of king prawns served with iceberg lettuce, topped with marie rose sauce  
sformato di caprino £6.95
baked vegetable and goats cheese tower with balsamic dressing  
antipasto all’ italiana £5.95
a selection of italian cured meat served with focaccia bread, olives and sun-blushed tomato  
gamberi asiatico £6.50
deep-fried king prawns in noodles and tempura – served with chilli tomato  
carpaccio di manzo £6.95
thin slices of tender raw fillet beef with lemon, olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan and rocket


the fun starts here! listed below are the different pasta shapes & sauces.

you combine the pasta shape with your favourite sauce. we do the rest:


penne          - tubes orecchiette    - ears
spaghetti    - grows on trees casarecce      - twisted
linguine      - hammered spagetti                         pappardelle   - large ribbons
tagliatelle   - fine ribbons  


arrabbiata (v) £6.95
spicy tomato sauce  
bolognese £7.95
minced beef, fresh herbs and tomatoes slowly cooked for hours  
mediterranea £7.95
with tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovies  
carbonara £7.95
smoked pancetta, egg yolk and cream  
pasta alla ‘norma’ £7.95
aubergine, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and scamorza cheese  
pesto e gamberi £8.95
pesto genovese, prawns, cherry tomatoes with a touch of cream  
amatriciana di mare £8.95
pancetta, onions, tomato sauce and mixed seafood  
broccoli e acciughe £8.50
broccoli, anchovies, garlic, olive oil (best with long pasta)  
salmone erbacipolina £8.50
fresh salmon, chives and a splash of vodka in a pink sauce  
vegetarian choice: please note that if you have a favourite sauce then just let us know, if we have the ingredients we’ll make it for you  
gluten – free pasta is also available. please ask your waiter  

starter – any pasta dish may be ordered as a starter for just £5.95


parties - parties of 8 or more , please choose the same pasta shape if you require the same sauce



i pesci    
zuppa di pesce £14.95
a selection of mixed fish served in a smooth tomato sauce  
spigola alla griglia £14.95
whole seabass, oven-baked and drizzled with olive oil and fresh parsley 
(ask your waiter for different sauces if you prefer)
salmone fresco al pepe rosa £14.95
fillet of salmon with mixed peppers, pink peppercorn, cream with a touch of tomato and brandy  
orata al forno £13.95
fillet of sea bream served sicilian style with a caponata sauce  
gamberoni lardellati £13.95
pan-fried king prawn wrapped in pancetta and served on cannellini beans  
le carni  
straccetti con rucola e pomodorini £14.95
strips of beef fillet seared and served with cherry tomatoes and rocket  
rondelle di bue £18.95
medallions of fillet steak with a mushroom, onion, and coarse grain mustard cream sauce  
filetto rossini £18.95
prime beef fillet cooked in a sauce of demi-glace and madeira wine and served on toast with pâté  
rosa maria £18.95
medallions of fillet steak grilled with a sauce of red wine, tomatoes, rosemary and garlic  
filetto al taglio £18.95
a fan of fillet steak with rocket, parmesan shavings and balsamic dressing  
filetto crudaiola £18.95
fillet of steak served with fresh tomato concasse and herbs  
pollo valdostana £12.50
grilled chicken breast topped with parma ham and mozzarella cheese in napolitana sauce  
pollo stroganoff £12.50
chicken stroganoff with onions, paprika, mushrooms, brandy and cream  
pollo alla milanese  £12.50
chicken coated in breadcrumbs and served with rocket, cherry tomatoes and parmesan flakes  
pollo alla verza £12.50
breast of chicken, filled with mushrooms, wrapped in pancetta and served with cabbage  
rollata di pollo alle mandorle e noci £12.50
chicken breast with hazelnuts, almonds and honey rolled with parma ham and finished with a cream sauce  
the above served with a selection of vegetables 


bracioline di vitello £13.95
rolled veal with parsley, garlic, pepper cooked in a tomato sauce  
anatra ai frutti di bosco £12.95
pan-fried duck breast cooked with leeks in a red wine sauce and served with fruits of the forest  
chefs choice  
lasagne classica £7.95
layers of egg pasta with bolognese sauce, béchamel sauce, parmesan, and black pepper  
ravioli ricotta e spinaci (v) £8.25
ravioli parcels with ricotta cheese mixed with spinach  
risotto asparagi £8.50
risotto rice, asparagus, saffron, cream cheese  
risotto noci e pere £8.95
risotto rice, walnuts, pear and gorgonzola cheese with a touch of cream  



i contorni

verdure del giorno £2.75
fresh seasonal vegetables with potatoes   
insalata mista £2.95
mixed fresh salad leaves                                                                 
insalata di pomodori e cipolle £2.50
fresh tomato and onions salad with thyme  
insalata crudaiola £2.75
mixed green salad  
insalata rucola e parmigiano £3.50
fresh wild rocket salad and parmesan shavings                                   
patatine fritte £2.50
anelli di cipolla £2.50
onion rings  
zucchine fritte £3.25
fried courgette  
funghi fritti  £2.75
fried mushrooms  
pane all’ aglio £2.50
garlic bread  
pane all' aglio con mozzarella £3.20
garlic bread with mozzarella cheese  



margherita (v) £6.95
can be traced back to 1750 in naples. the first official margherita pizza was made for margherita di savoia (a princess) in 1899. it’s made in the colours of the italian flag with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil  
pollo e funghi £7.95
chicken, mushroom, mozzarella, tomatoes and chilli  
fiorentina £7.95
spinach, mozzarella, tomatoes and egg  
bianca £7.95
parma ham, mozzarella and dolcelatte  
calzone classico £8.50
folded pizza with ham, tomato, mozzarella and topped with minced beef  
salsiccia e peperoni £7.95
sausage, peppers, tomatoes and mozzarella  
filetto £9.50
white-based pizza with thin strips of beef fillet, cherry tomatoes and rocket  
vegetariana e caprino £8.50
tomato, mozzarella, grilled vegetables and goats cheese  
funghi e prosciutto £7.95
tomato, mozzarella, ham and mushroom  
extra toppings – just choose your own!      £0.60 per topping  
if we have the ingredients we will create it for you - just ask  
gluten-free pizza bases are now available  
menu bambini £5.95
pizza margherita  
(basil, mozzarella and tomatoes)  
penne with tomato or bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese  
a soft drink
(squash, cola or milk)
a scoop of our delicious ice cream


il nostro tiramisù    
our 'pick me up' - with amaretto liqueur  
torta di lime cheesecake   
lime cheesecake  
desiderio al cioccolato   
profiteroles, filled with chantilly cream and topped with a warm
chocolate sauce
pannacotta della settimana  NEW  
pannacotta of the week  
capriccio inglese  NEW  
return of an old favourite! treacle sponge served with warm custard  
gelati e sorbetti           
mixed ice-cream or sorbets    all £4.95
formaggi misti        £5.50
a selection of continental cheeses served with biscuits and bread               

 after dinner drinks

liquori 25 ml
limoncello | amaretto |sambuca | galliano | baileys |tia maria
drambuie | cointreau | strega                                                                  
all £3.30
coffee black | white £1.80
cappuccino £2.00
latte £2.30
espresso £1.60
double espresso £2.00
tea £1.65
herbal – peppermint |fruit £1.80
hot chocolate £2.05
mochaccino £3.00
liqueur coffee £4.95
with cream or decaffeinated coffee - supplement  £0.25
averna | ramazzotti | montenegro |fernet branca |branca menta                       £3.30
port £3.30
vini da dessert (glass)  
moscato de pantelleria – sicilia  £4.00
vinto santo con cantucci biscuits £4.55
marsala £3.25
grappa invecchiata francoli £3.80
grappa barolo £5.00
remy martin vsop £6.55
courvoisier vsop exclusif £6.55
vecchia romagna £3.55