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please note that prices shown below for wine by the glass are for a 175ml measure


vini bianchi - white wine   
monferrato bianco - piemonte  £13.95
straw yellow tones, a crisp flavour of fruits, flowers and a good structure and body glass £3.95
pinot grigio – friuli £17.95
this wine presents itself with a pale yellow colour, an intense perfume and rich fruity taste glass £4.50
chardonnay - venezia £16.95
a lovely, well-balanced fresh wine with a delicate fruited bouquet of apple and acacia flowers glass £4.50
frascati superiore doc - lazio  £14.95
fruity flavours, smooth dry velvety finish  
sauvignon - friuli £18.50
an imposing wine with an intense and spicy bouquet of green peppers and sage  
gavi di gavi - piemonte  £19.95
crisp and with a straw-green colour noted for it's fruity and persistent floral fragrance glass £4.95
vermentino – sardegna £17.95
intense bouquet, fruity and mellow, very light and soft  
verdicchio jesi classico - marche  £20.95
a wine with a distinct personality. it has a light, golden yellow colour and intense scents of dry hay, hawthorn and broom. it's firm, long flavour makes it a wine with real character. (one of the top ten from marche)  
falanghina - campania  £19.95
this grape variety is amongst the the oldest cultivated in italy for winemaking. in fact it is believed that falanghina vines were first brought to italy by greek settlers of the campi flegrei region, north of naples, as early as 700BC. it's pale yellow colour is evocative of apples, subtle spices and a pleasant vanilla finish  
malvasia friuli isonzo £18.95
a pleasant, well-balanced rich wine with an aromatic perfume of spices, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper  
inzolia - sicily £15.95
this wine presents itself with a pale-yellow colour. Very enjoyable, fresh and lively, accentuated by a delicious citrus flavour  
vini rossi - red wine  
sorsi di vigna rosso - sicilia £13.95
just the right level of freshness and purple colours make this a genuine wine glass £3.95
nero d'avola & frappato - sicilia  £17.95
two of the best sicilian grapes (nero d'avola and frappato) are used ito make this new wine. with a light violet colour but a great full and velvety flavour of forest fruits  
 primitivo di manduria – puglia £18.95 
 a warm red that reveals intense cherry and plum aromas. rich and harmonious on the palate  
syrah - sicilia  £17.95
elegant and full-bodied with an aroma of plum and spice. soft and luscious on the palate with a super lingering finish glass £4.50
merlot – friuli  £17.50
a soft wine of ruby-red colour with a rich fruity bouquet reflected in it's well-balanced flavour glass £4.50
chianti classico docg - toscana  £19.95
as soon as you sip this chianti you will recognise the pleasant scent of violets on the nose and mature fruits on your palate. a real tuscan flavour! glass £4.95
valpolicella classico - veneto £18.95 
Made from the Corvina grape, a ruby-red wine with an aroma of blackberries and cherries. This wine is very intense yet still soft on the palate  
valpolicella superiore ripasso – veneto  £23.95
this wine is obtained by the 'ripasso' method of fermentation. the corvina and molinara grapes are refermented with a part of the dregs from wine made from the amarone grape. this gives the wine some of the typical and unique amarone qualities. try it - you won't be disappointed!  
amarone classico valpolicella - veneto  £31.95
an immensely powerful deep red wine. hugely complex with a myriad of olfactory sensations and a rich, persistent flavour  
rosso di montalcino - toscana  £23.50
made in tuscany from the same grapes and area as the brunello of montalcino, it has a ruby-red colour with purple overtones, a bouquet with hints of cherry and prunes and a full soft body with a long lasting flavour  
bardolino superiore docg - veneto £22.50
a classic elegant, quality wine, ruby-red in colour, with the delicate scent and taste of ripe plums  
schiopettino doc - friuli £19.50
soft, interesting and fragrant with an intense ruby-red violet. Pleasant to the taste with an aroma of blueberries  
cabernet sauvignon - friuli £17.50
an aristocratic, dark smoot, red wine with a perfume of green peppers and a hint of cloves  
bardolino chiaretto rosé - veneto  £16.95
this wine gets it's pomegranate colour from a gentle pressing of the grapes. it balances a fresh, fruit flavour with a firm good body glass £4.50
pinot grigio ramato (blush) - friuli  £18.95
a special method of fermentation, results in this pinot grigio being a unique wine. it has a copper colour and a rich perfume with a clear taste glass £4.95
vini frizzanti - sparkling wine  
erubesco rosé - emilia romagna  £18.95
a lovely crisp, sparkling rose. light in colour with a bouquet of soft, summer fruits and a long finish glass £4.50
rizzi gelsi sparkling rosé - veneto  £19.95
this sparkling rose is made from the pinot noir grape using the 'spumante' method. it's colour and flavour recall those of rose petal  
prosecco "nani rizzi" brut reserve - valdobbiadene veneto  £23.95
aromatic bouquet with hints of flowers and fruits and well-balanced flavour, and a fine perlage. served with crostini glass £4.95
berlucchi cuvée imperial max rosé     £31.95
berlucchi cuvée imperial brut  £31.95
louis roederer brut premier nv  £39.95
bollinger special cuvée nv  £59.95
louis roederer cristal (2004)  £295.00
vini da dessert - dessert wine  
fior di mandorlo verduzzo £18.50
a delicious and harmonious wine produced by a typical Sician method. of deep amber colour, it has an intense perfume and a flavour of tropical fruits glass £3.95
soft drinks  
pepsi/diet pepsi / lemonade ½ pint £1.80
ginger ale 200 ml £1.60
tonic / slimline tonic 200 ml £1.60
still / sparkling water £1.95
juices:- pineapple, apple, orange, cranberry £1.80
j2O £2.20
splash coke / lemonade 50p
lime & soda £1.50
elderflower     £1.80
in bottiglia - bottled beers and other drinks  
moretti £3.35
corona £3.20
becks alcohol free £2.90
magners £3.35
smirnoff ice £3.35
birra alla spina - draught beer and lager (pint/half pint)  
peroni £4.25/£2.65
christy's irish lager 4.2% £3.30/£1.65
wiborowa £3.00
gordons dry gin £3.00
bombay sapphire £3.25
bacardi £3.00
dark rum £3.25
malibu £3.25
bells £3.00
jamesons £3.25
grouse £3.00
southern comfort £3.00
jack daniels £3.00

malt whisky

black bush £3.00
johnny walker black label £6.00
glenlivet £3.50
cinzano £3.00
martini dry £3.00
martini rosso £3.00
pimms £3.00
campari £3.00